Architect, painter, designer and illustrator, Hudesa Kaganow was born in San Paolo, Brazil in 1973. She graduated in architecture and town planning at Mackenzie University in Brazil and École d’Architecture de Paris La Villette in France. She has completed numerous courses in Brazil, France and Italy, among them fashion design, interior design and chalcography. She has lived and worked in Rome since 1999, where she has had various exhibitions, both monographic and collective. Creativity and originality characterize her works, in which she makes use of recycled materials such as paper, wood, plastic, metals and upholstery fabric remnants. With these materials she creates pictures, engravings, illustrations, sculptures, objets d’art, accessories and contemporary jewellery. An artistic research on a journey through the past, present and future in a patchwork of colours, forms and materials that jostle with each other until they find their place. Her production results from a fusion between rational architecture that organises the spaces and compositions, and graphic spontaneity that panders to sensations and feelings. Autobiographical references, though often disguised, are ever present in her works. The completed works therefore become like coloured photo frames of one who sees the world through special lenses, the result of personal experiences, of journeys all over the world and of interaction with others. The subjects treated are varied and infinite: cats, dreamlike landscapes, everyday objects, real or imaginary people of different nationalities, encounters perhaps at stations, airports, during periods of waiting or of observation. Fleeting moments that nevertheless leave their mark on the memory of an artist aware of the finer details of this world.